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With thousands of acoustic panels, bass traps, and diffusors installed around the world and with locations in Europe and the U.S., it is clear that GIK Acoustics is the #1 choice for recording studios, listening rooms, home theatres, restaurants, churches, and live auditoriums. GIK Acoustics not only provide the largest selection of high quality, eco-friendly products at affordable prices, but provide clients with a professional design and support staff to help you achieve a quality acoustic space.

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GIK Acoustics brought an array of products to Musikmesse - the world's leading trade fair for the world of music. Danke shoen to everyone we met in Frankfurt!

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GIK Acoustics bass traps and acoustic panels use ECOSE technology which is easy on air quality for your room, the environment, and your budget.

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The Demi Q7d Diffusor is a half-size version of our standard Q7d Diffusor. The smaller size provides a wider variety of placement options. They come two to a box making them an ideal solution to hang in mirror imaged pairs.

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GIK Acoustics recently had the pleasure to work with music producer Cedric Gervais who received a Grammy Award for his remix of “Summertime Sadness.”

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People often ask if they should face the long wall or the short wall when setting up their room. In this video Positioning The Listening Spot we examine both setups and show why the facing the short wall is the better option.

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