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With thousands of acoustic panels, bass traps, and diffusorsinstalled around the world and with locations in Europe and the U.S., it is clear that GIK Acoustics is the #1 choice for recording studios, listening rooms, home theatres, restaurants, churches, and live auditoriums. GIK Acoustics not only provide the largest selection of high quality, eco-friendly products at affordable prices, but provide clients with a professional design and support staff to help you achieve a quality acoustic space.



GIK Acoustics-Europe will exhibit at Musikmesse in Frankfurt 15 – 18 April.

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GIK Acoustics-Europe uses environmentally sustainable Hanson Plywood and absorption insulation with ECOSE® which is easy on air quality for your room, the environment, and your budget.

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FLEXFUSOR DIFFUSOR Flexfusor alternating diagram

The FlexFusor Diffusor offers one- AND two-dimensional scattering. Choosing the Alternating core allows sound to not only spread side to side but also up and down to create two-dimensional diffusion.

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Home Cinema Experience

Writer, filmmaker and audio/video enthusiast Andrew Robinson of Home Cinema Experience produced this fantastic video where he discusses the importance of room treatments and recommended placement.

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Michael Price

Michael Price is one of the UK’s most sought after composers. He has won a Royal Television Society Award and both BAFTA and Emmy nominations for the BBC series “Sherlock.”

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Our patent pending FlexRange Technology – available on the 244 Bass Trap and Monster Bass Trap – provides the best in acoustical solutions with maximum low end control.

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