We are pleased to be able to offer an onsite measurement and evaluation service for UK customers.

If you require further assistance beyond our online services an authorised GIK engineer can provide a bespoke onsite assessment of your space, revealing the characteristics and any potential issues within your room as well as sound advice on how to overcome any problems and the appropriate GIK solutions for you.

Starting from £375 the onsite measurement and evaluation service includes:

  • Acoustic measurements and an evaluation of your space.
  • A personalised report outlining the acoustic profile of your room with easy-to-understand explanations of the behaviour of your room.
  • Setup optimisation – room-speaker placement, subwoofer integration, identifying inherent room issues.
  • Tailored GIK solutions to meet your needs.

Limited to UK customers only.

Consultant is based in Cambridgeshire, and travel costs are not included in the service. Any further required time is available at £95 per hour.

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