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Acoustic panels are absorption panel products that are utilized to control noise, eliminate slap echo and control comb filtering in a room. The objective is to enhance the properties of sound by improving sound quality by getting rid of unwanted noise through sound absorption. Often used in recording studios, home theaters and listening rooms, the purpose of acoustic panels is to reduce, but not entirely eliminate, resonance within the room. Acoustic panels deal more with the mid and high frequencies in a room. Sound absorption is different than soundproofing, which is typically used to keep sound from escaping a room.

See our education section to find out more about how to place sound absorbing panels and where to place sound absorbing panels when treating a space for room acoustics.

GIK Acoustics products are beyond simple and do-it-yourself cheap acoustic panels that are found on the market today. We start with only the highest-quality materials that will not sag or leak over time, then we build every acoustic panel by hand to be used specifically as acoustic treatment panels. Unlike other companies who use inexpensive, lower quality, and cheap materials, GIK Acoustics crafts acoustic panels and bass traps with quality sound absorbing material, fabrics, and hardwood plywoods. We start with absorptive insulation material that is intended for room acoustics – not cheap mineral wool whose main purpose is to insulate a ship’s engine room. We then use carefully selected hardwood plywoods – not cheap imports – to construct our frames. The difference and chief advantage is dimensional stability.

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Starting at £36.50 per panel
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