GIK FlexRange Technology LogoFlexRange Technology is GIK Acoustics’ unique, patented system for providing the best in acoustical solutions with maximum low end control.  Backed by research, development and testing, FlexRange Technology encompasses our proprietary bass trap design while offering customers a true choice to control the frequency range that’s absorbed.  Without a membrane, bass traps are broadband.  With a membrane, bass traps absorb even lower frequencies while the membrane has less effect absorbing upper frequencies.

FULL RANGE – The Full Range option is broadband in nature maximizing low end and upper frequencies to give a true broadband range of absorption. Full Range is an excellent option at controlling low end frequencies and is the preferred choice for early reflection points or when upper frequencies need 100% absorption.

RANGE LIMITER – The second option has a built-in frequency range limiter.  This option includes a membrane system which improves lower frequency absorption – up to 50% more low end (below 60Hz) – while retaining 75% more high end (from 400Hz and above).  Ideally used when no upper frequency absorption is required/desired. The Range Limiter option is an ideal solution to make a small room sound larger, keeping life within the room. Additional £12.50 per panel for Range Limiter option.

Patented LogoVisit the product pages to see the full frequency range effectiveness: 244 Bass Trap with FlexRange Technology and Monster Bass Trap with FlexRange Technology.

FlexRange Technology options will be available on Tri-Trap Corner Bass Traps and Soffit Bass Traps in Summer 2015.

As always, GIK Acoustics provides Acoustic Advice for any questions you may have about FRT Full Range or FRT Range Limiter options.

Simulated sound waves strike the front FlexRange Technology
Simulated sound waves strike the FRT Membrane