ORCHARD_LOGO_CMYK300The Orchard, a pioneering independent music and video distribution company operating in more than 25 global markets, provides an innovative and transparent sales and marketing platform for content owners. With industry-leading supply chain management, The Orchard’s creative, tailored approach streamlines its clients’ business complexity while amplifying reach and revenue across hundreds of digital, physical and mobile outlets around the world. The Orchard was founded in 1997 to foster independence and creativity in the music industry. For further information, please visit www.theorchard.com.

The Orchard recently installed GIK Acoustics 242 Acoustic Panels in their conference room. “We love the panels. They eliminated the horrible flutter echo in the conference room. We will gladly do business with GIK again for any acoustic panel needs.”

Orchard Conf Rm 2 GIK Acoustics Orchard Conf Rm 1 GIK Acoustics


The Orchard is a global leader in music and video entertainment, representing over 3.1 million music tracks and over 7,000 video titles. With operations in more than 25 global markets, The Orchard works with tens of thousands of the world’s most important and influential independent record labels, dealing in virtually every genre of music. View their catalogue overview HERE.

The Orchard operates in more than 27 markets around the world enabling the company to execute global campaigns on a local level, partner with music and video creators from all cultures and make clients’ music and video available in all major global markets.

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