Mike EvolaMike Evola is a freelance producer and engineer.
His home studio, Träumen Sound, is located in Brampton, Ontario.

Träumen Sound was designed to give clients the utmost comfort and inspiration throughout their stay. The goal was to combine prestine sound with modern design. Both the control room and live room have been acoustically treated with GIK Acoustics custom panels and bass traps to increase the clarity and translation of all projects. Träumen is equipped for all styles of music and audio production. It features a collection of both analog and digital outboard gear as well as a variety of quality microphones.

The results are brilliant! (Literally.)

All photos courtesy Kurt Cuffy – www.kurtcuffyphotos.com/

Studio & Mike-11

Studio & Mike-10

Studio & Mike-13

Studio & Mike-26

Studio & Mike-28

Studio & Mike-27


Mike achieved his unique studio look & effect with LED tape lighting.

For inquires – mikeevola@hotmail.com
For portfolio – mikeevolaproducer.com