Da Goose Music in the Netherlands is driven by Jeffrey de Gans (Gans is dutch for Goose). Founded as a music-production company in 1996, Da Goose Music specializes in audio mastering for both digital and physical releases.

For years, Da Goose Music has been the primary mastering studio for numerous of artists, record labels and mixing engineers seeking a high-end mastering experience.

Owner and engineer Jeffrey de Gans says, “For a mastering-studio the monitoring system needs to be of the highest standard as possible. That is why years back I invested in B&W 802 monitors and a powerful hypex class-d amp. But it doesn’t stop at the monitors themselves, it all comes down to the room you put them in. To get my room to sound as good as it possibly can, I got lot of acoustical treatment, partly DIY, but mostly GIK Acoustics treatment. Next to DIY diffusion and a DIY backwall bass trap, I use 6x Monster Bass Traps (4x with Range Limiter), 4x Tri-Traps Corner Bass Traps (floor to ceiling), 5x 244 Bass Traps, 3x 242 Acoustic Panels and 6x (custom-made) Tuned Membrane Bass Traps (47hz).”

“The reason I chose GIK is that the products don’t just look good, but they work the way they should be working, taking care of the problems that all rooms have.”

“Even though my room sounded great already, I wanted to get rid of a small room-mode which I still had. Lukas Rimbach checked my REW analyses and suggested to get 6 custom membrame traps tuned to 47hz. When those came in, and I put them in place, it was a night and day difference. Not just the room-mode was gone, but also other things had fallen just a bit more into place.”

“You can do things yourself quite easily with the right materials, but with the GIK products you don’t have to think about ‘how and if’ it will work. The work has already been done for you by people knowing what they are doing. I’d rather focus on mastering instead and have the right people taking care of the rest.”

Da Goose Music is a dedicated mastering studio offering these services:

  • Mastering – High end Analog mastering with a touch of digital
  • Online mastering – Order mastering with our online order-system
  • Other services – MFiT, Stem mastering, editing, restoration

Jeffrey de Gans | Da Goose Music