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The appearance of conventional acoustic panels may not appeal to everyone. The Impression Series brings elegance and style to any room whether in a home, a business, a restaurant, or recording studio. We offer five beautiful patterns to choose from to enhance any space.

The Impression Series is ideal for creating an even balance of low end absorption without losing high frequency presence. The Impression Series features beautifully decorative, semi-reflective rigid plates attached to absorptive acoustic panels and bass traps. The rigid plate not only gives the panel a stylish appearance but also helps reflect/scatter the upper frequencies in your room giving the proper balance needed.

Choose the size:

Square (595mm x 595mm) | Narrow (300mm x 1200mm) | Rectangle (600mm x 1200mm)

Choose the level of absorption: 50mm thick, 100mm thick, or 150mm thick panels

The depth or thickness of the panels depends on the amount of low-frequency absorption desired. The thicker the panel, the greater the absorption.